Pricing Guide

 A single pay as you go pricing plan

 Hassle free monthly billing

 Discounted rates on large volumes

 Free 150 API calls per month


API Calls Made
Rate / API Call
Price / Month
0 to 150 API Calls  
Next 14000 API Calls  
$0.025  / API Call
Next 15000 API Calls  
$0.02  / API Call
Next 60000 API Calls  
$0.01  / API Call
Any additional API Call  
$0.005  / API Call
 Total Price:
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Process as many files as you require. After one month, we will calculate the total number of API calls you made and bill you according to the rates below. 


Self Hosting

The same pricing applies when self-hosting. The only exception is with on-premise Docker storage API calls are not billed.

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