Purchase Policies and FAQ

Aspose builds incredible easy to use software as a service that developers can fully evaluate before committing to buying. To do this, we rely on a slightly different sales model. Here’s what makes it different:

  • No pushy sales team.
  • 150 API calls per month free for evaluation and testing
  • Free sales and technical support.
  • Live samples in different languages and pure-REST
  • Our vast documentation, SDKs and examples hosted on Github plus technical forums filled with many questions and solutions
  • No fuss monthly billing via credit card.



  • Payment method - information about paying by credit card and the currency of our invoices.
  • Pricing disclaimer - Aspose reserves the right to change plans and pricing but we try to keep all our customers and channels up-to-date.
  • Failed Payments - what happens to your plan if your credit card cannot be charged and how to update your credit card details.
  • Viewing your usage - how keep track of how many API calls you have made.
  • Adding billing contacts - billing statements and summary emails can be sent automatically to people in your organization even if they don’t have an account.
  • Invoices - Aspose provides a monthly invoice for each charge. These are sent automatically by email and can be downloaded from your account.
  • Refund policy - we do everything we can to help you make the right decision before you buy to avoid refund requests.
  • Anti fraud measures - we protect ourselves from fraud by contacting the purchaser before releasing a licence if the transaction appears suspcious.
  • HIPAA compliancy - Aspose products are not HIPAA compliant. Click to learn more.
  • Taxes - explains issues related to tax such as VAT, GST and payment instructions specific for Australian customers including our ABN