Only pay for the files you process

  Costs only one credit per output

  More discounted rates on large volumes

  Free 50 credits per month

Each time you perform an output operation on a document, regardless of the input/output file size, it counts as one credit. Process as many files as you require. After one month, we will calculate the total number of credits used and bill you according to the rates below. 

What API Calls are Billable?

Most API calls are not counted for billing, only the times when you produce an output from Aspose Cloud we count as a billable operation that counts as a credit used. Below are some examples to give you an idea.

API Call Billable Operation
Create and save a document Yes
Convert and save a document Yes
Generate or Recognize barcode Yes
Perform OCR Yes
Upload a document No
Search or Replace text No
Add or Delete pages No
Merge documents No

Here is a common scenario to explain it better

  • You upload a Word document on Aspose storage.
  • Add some new pages.
  • Add paragrahs, tables and images.
  • Save the document in DOCX format - That is one operation and one credit will be counted for billing.
  • Add or delete some pages.
  • Update the table.
  • Save the document in PDF format - That is another operation and another credit will be counted for billing.
Is there a maximum file size that can be processed with one credit?

No, regardless of the size of your input document and the output generated, the number of credits used is always just one per output that is processed.

Can I pre-purchase credits in advance?

Yes. The price for purchasing a credits in advance is the same as purchasing monthly so use the guide at the top of the page for pricing. Unused credits will roll over indefinitely so they will not expire.

Purchasing credits in advance is useful for those who want to pay annually, those who have inconsistent or one-off workloads or who cannot commit to recurring monthly payments. To purchase contact the sales team who will create an order for you.


Read our FAQ for more information. If you still have any questions, please contact us and we'd be happy to help you.