European Customers: VAT

European customers sometimes ask for our VAT number. Since Aspose is an Australian company, we do not have a VAT number.

Australian Customers: GST

Since Aspose is an Australian company, we need to collect GST on each invoice issued to an Australian customer. The GST inclusive price for all Australian customers is the public retailing price plus 10%. Our purchase system automatically adds 10% to your total which is reflected on the invoice you receive.

Australian Customers: GST on USD charges

Since we are a GST registered business we must pay GST on any goods or service provided to an Australian entity and according to ruling GSTR 2001/2 by the Australian Taxation Office, the calculation of tax on a transaction in a foreign currency is perfectly acceptable. We have been operating in this way for many years with many Australian customers without any problems.

This same document in the link above also contains helpful information about how to convert GST in a foreign currency to AUD for reporting requirements. As the GST component on the invoice you received from Aspose is expressed in US dollars you may need the daily exchange rate to convert the GST payable figure on the invoice to Australian dollars. This figure is available on of the Foreign Exchange Rates section of the Australian Taxation Office website.

Our ABN is 99100069618.

All Customers: Tax Withholding

We do not participate in any withholding tax schemes. If you were told that you need to withhold tax when you buy products from Aspose, please make sure to contact our sales staff to discuss before you do that.


If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our sales support who will be glad to assist.