Self hosting

Aspose Cloud is centrally hosted on our own servers and we manage the scaling, performance, security, and maintenance for our customers.

We also provide customers the choice to take our SaaS application and host it on their own private infrastructure. This allows for full control control over data, security and services. We offer two distinct self-hosting options across two websites:

Our cloud service is available as a Docker image, which essentially is the same set of APIs that can be used from Aspose Cloud, but it is packaged in a way that allows the customer to host it in their own environment.

Browse Aspose on Docker Hub to check which APIs are currently available. Note that not all of our APIs are available on Docker yet, but we are actively expanding support.

The pricing plan is the same as our cloud based service with the exception that storage methods are not charged. Check out the trial page for instructions about how to get started. The keys required to use the self hosted version of Aspose Cloud differs to the keys provided with the online SaaS version. To receive your license keys please head to the Self-Hosting Purchase Wizard and place your order.

Purely usage information (number of operations performed and total file size processed) is sent to our servers, no document data or your customer data is sent to us.

Aspose Cloud is powered by which provides file format APIs developed primarily for .NET and Java. Customers can chose to use our native .NET or Java APIs on their own premises with the following license types:

  • Developer Small Business, Developer OEM and Site Small Business, Site OEM licenses that are based on the number of developers and locations the product is used with. These licenses are perpetual and come with a 12-months subscription to updates that can be optionally renewed annually.
  • Consumptive licensing Metered Small Business and Metered OEM that is billed monthly just like with our cloud based plan. This license type is mandatory if your product has its own public API.

For further information check out the products at, documentation, pricing and licensing options. To purchase please contact the Aspose sales team.

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If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our sales support who will be glad to assist.