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How to Purchase?
How do I select a plan?

There is only one plan which is fair and suits both small and big companies.

  • The amount you pay is based on how many credits that you use in one month. One credit is used with each API call.
  • No additional overage costs or money lost by not using all allocated credits in a tiered plan.
  • This plan allows for unlimited applications to be created using the API
  • Free 150 credits per month
  • No concurrent conversion limit
  • Cancel the monthly plan any time
What's the cost?

Find pricing information by using our interactive pricing guide.

What are your policies?

For any other questions contact sales. We're keen to answer your questions.

Do you offer a self hosted version of Aspose APIs?

Yes, if you would like to host our APIs on your own servers we do offer .NET and Java versions of our products that are billed monthly just like with our cloud based plan. Read about self-hosting for further details.

I have a technical question to ask first?

Read the Aspose for Cloud sections in our documentation to find out more about the products or ask a question in the support forum and our support team will answer you as soon as possible.